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The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies De Cherbourg)

My Blind Spot choice for May was an excellent one, and as I write this a couple of weeks after watching Jacques Demy’s 1964 film The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg for the first time, I feel relatively confident in saying that it is now one of my favourite musicals – a vivid, colourful and bittersweet melodrama […]

0553 | Sing Street

John Carney’s latest has much in common with two of his earlier films, Once and Begin Again, both of which feature songwriters and identify the unifying, uplifting power of music. Sing Street – an upbeat, endearing tale of a teenage outcast in 1980s Dublin who forms a band at school – is his best yet; […]

0293 | Pitch Perfect

I must admit that in my pre-blogging days the whole Pitch Perfect phenomenon completely passed me by. Due to the fuss surrounding the recently-released sequel (the imaginatively-titled Pitch Perfect 2) and its impressive box office performance, I decided I ought to satisfy my curiosity and check out the original sleeper hit. I wasn’t disappointed, although I […]

0261 | Everyone Says I Love You

This entertaining mid-90s musical comedy was one of the late Roger Ebert’s favourite Woody Allen films. In his review at the time of release Ebert indicated that Everyone Says I Love You might actually be his number one, and although that view was seemingly tempered by a little distance, by 2001 he still considered it among the director’s finest. And, quite […]

0239 | Les Misérables

My tolerance for musical films wavers depending on the style and, of course, the quality of the work in front of me. Last weekend, for example, I watched Robert Altman’s Nashville, and enjoyed it immensely; it’s a brilliant, brilliant film. The next day I watched a very different kind of musical: Tom Hooper and William […]

0223 | God Help The Girl

Even as a fan of Belle and Sebastian’s music I feared the worst when the reviews started coming in for God Help The Girl, the debut feature by Stuart Murdoch, principle singer and songwriter with the band. For those unaware of the wistful indie-pop act, they formed in the mid-1990s, initially as a music college project […]

0019 | Once

I freely admit that normally the prospect of watching a musical has me not running for but either driving or catching a high speed train to the nearest hills (and if there’s a flight available that’s all the more preferable). All the histrionics. The warbling…nay…the caterwauling. The abhorrent jauntiness. The impassioned straining. The tears. The […]